Absolute. Evolutionary. Distinctive.
Casio considers the wristwatch’s future from every possible angle.Its aim is to offer timekeeping with absolute precision worldwide,combined with original designs born of necessity.Making full use of electronics with unlimited hidden possibilities,and of unrivalled technologies as a manufacturer like no other,it constructs watches with detailed precision one part at a time.Always unrestrained by conventional thinking,Casio continues to take daring approaches to timepiece value.PHILOSOPHYCasio comprises of multi-brand line up such as G-SHOCK; the tough watch that achieves perpetual evolution through the continuing addition of new functions to its shock-resistant structure, BABY-G; the distinctive shock-resistant watch for women in variety of design and colour, EDFICE; a sporty, high-performance metal analogue chronograph that continue to evolve through a fusion of dynamic design with advanced technology. SHEEN; the metal watches for women and PROTREK; full-fledged outdoor gear featuring reliable utility and high precision sensor technologies watches are also one of the brand under Casio.